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Credibility of lottery prediction by artificial intelligence Cindy Katss3 to win money

An important question for potential players, to evaluate the work of artificial intelligence and the possibility of winning a lot of money.


In 2023, the major players in the artificial intelligence market for lottery data analysis and predictions are Deep Mind, Singularity NET, Open AI, Facebook AI, Boston Dynamics, Lotto Logic, Lottery Lab, Epica, IBM Watson and many others.

For example, MTAAI used advanced models: Fashion MNIST, SVHN, CIFAR-10/100, and ImageNet CIFAR-10/100, to experiment with lottery prediction. The smart guys had major success, recognizing signatures at 98%.

True, colleagues forgot to mention the 128 layers in the neural network for data analysis and the monstrous brute force, which calls into question the application of such scientific models in the real game of smart syndicate against the lottery.

It's a lot of fun to use a variety of models that are unlikely to understand all the intricacies of bingo prediction and real winnings. That's why uses its own development of trained neural networks to emulate the possibility of winning money on bingo number prediction.

  neural network model for winning money

What does Cindy Katss3 artificial intelligence model do for the player?


1. Decision-making transparency, for data analysis in the literal sense of the word, because the decision-making process is visible to any operator in 3d format, instead of a web of codes understandable only to the programmer and the AI.

2. Cindy Katss3's prototype AI has a right to error 1 and 2 Rod, which conventional neural networks and other AI models do not have, but most importantly, the AI itself evaluates and corrects errors made in the operation of the predictive model.

3. The prototype electro-brain supports 2 hemispheres of the brain, more precisely the frontal lobes and the switch, in which the process is broken down into logical and creative solutions to a problem, which greatly increases the chances of the AI winning MORE money by predicting risks and events in the lottery, car racing, sports or the stock market.

Our competitors do not have such a solution, and the big players in the market of artificial intelligence for data analysis treat this model as a game, not a business. For us, it is a full-fledged business, where billions of dollars are circulating, some of that money can become your income.

4. Brute force in our case drops from 15% to 0.000324%. In simple terms, 24 Powerball tickets can theoretically be won 4+1, that's $40000-43% income tax.

5. Short-term long-term memory? like Google - replaced by full-fledged long-term memory AS HUMAN

Artificial intelligence and lottery predictions example of AI algorithm

Method - neural network with a teacher Supervised learning
Neural network training set NA
Event dates - 100% confidence
Number recognition - 87,5% confidence
Possible return 231%
Forecast status: successful
Brute force combinatorics 0.054979%

That is, a syndicate of 3,000 tickets, can hunt for the grand prize of the lottery, although in fact we are still taking small and medium prizes. But the stability and gradual growth of the credibility parameters speaks to the evolution of the model for making non-obvious decisions.

AI performance in 2023 neural network model for winning money

In 2023, lotto predictions are reassuring. Consider a real example: for data analysis we have a sample of 100 draws, AI evaluates the probability of winning using the forecast for 1 criterion signature, here from 20 to 80 draws is obtained, to predict the results of numbers, event recognition in 80% is GENICAL.

The question is that the signature in this case is recognized by 20-80%. If an additional event is added, the success rate of predictions drops to 20-30% of the total number of draws of the game, that is, the signature is 20-60% + additional event 100%.

Using the next marker - the time of the event significantly reduces the probability of winning the money, or rather from 100 draws we smile fortune in 3-6% of cases.

This is not enough for the possibility of making money, but you need to take risks and assess the phenomenon of prediction, which makes the robot against, the strategy robot RGN and the wisdom of the crowd.

The maximum success of AI lottery predictions is 100% reliability.

Only 1-2 draws out of 100 are completely successful. That is, the three criteria signature, time, additional event and timestamp significantly coincide. Why so little?

Try looking into the FUTURE for yourself.

Signature is 60-80% + additional event 100% timestamp 100%. From an economic point of view, the lottery game cannot be considered a successful risky investment, although in some cases the return on predictions reaches 160,000%.

Example of self-training neural network application for data analysis and lottery prediction

The graph of the effectiveness of neural network for the period 2015-2023 lottery

One-factor analysis of the circulation on the number of successful predictions on the signature

neural network model for winning money

Thus, in some cases, the degree of recognition of combinations of the lottery can reach 82%, which is similar to the phenomenon of increasing brutforce, to reduce dependence on the brut force then used another more advanced model.Fluctuations in the trend associated with seasonality of the lottery and a long lag time to accumulate the jackpot.

The accumulation of the neural network knowledge and experience in the process of machine learning to analyze the data provided insight into the psychological behavior of the players, which indirectly influenced the behavior of the GSC, also observed a direct correlation between the rate of $, the jackpot amount and the number of participants in the draw.

Artificial Intelligence performance graph for the period 2015-2023 lottery

Two-factor analysis of the circulation on the number of successful predictions by time and signature

neural network model for winning money

Thus, in some cases for data analysis, the degree of recognition of the pre-listed circulation number / timestamp and number combinations / lottery 4-20-2 signature can be up to 52%. To reduce reliance on brute force, a better model was developed that helped reduce brute force to the thousandth percentile.

Performance graph for the period 2015-2023

One-factor analysis of the circulation on the number of successful predictions on the signature

neural network model for winning money

Thus, in some cases, the degree of recognition combinations of lottery can be up to 72% , to reduce dependence on the brutforce applied another more perfect model consisting of 2 factors - the time of the event and the signature itself.

Performance graph for the period 2015-2023

Two-factor circulation analysis on the number of successful predictions by time and signature

neural network model for winning money

Thus, in some cases for data analysis, the degree of recognition of the expected number of circulation / timestamp and combination numbers / signature of the lottery Stoloto 6-45 can be up to 100%. To reduce the reliance on brutforce, a better model was developed, which helped reduce the brutforce to the thousandth percentile.

The significant fluctuations from 0 to 26% in the first phase of the 2-loop model forced to radically revise the model and increase the number of multi-valued factors in the neural network training.

The second stage showed a reliability on the two factors in the range of 4-34%, which is a true scientific phenomenon. The resistance of lottery analysts who were changing jackpot encryption algorithms from winning was leveled by the new degree of neural network training. It made its own decisions in the game and ignored the tenets

of Mistakes of the First and Second Kind. In fact, with the teacher's help, the neural network has turned into a prototype of some parts of the electric brain and can make decisions on its own.

It is two human-like neural network hemispheres, which are responsible for computational processes: logical and abstract and a switch, which distributes the computational potential of the system and optimizes resources to achieve the goal.

Recognition of the right of error artificial intelligence has made it possible to bypass the GSC protection at the level of native understanding, in the simulation of multilayer uncertainty, which significantly reduced the learning and decision-making and most importantly, reduced the brute force to thousandths of a percent, conditionally 24 tickets instead of 12000000 to recognize the 80% signature and date of the event in the bingo or sports.

Such a versatile neural network construction for data analysis could be to realize the full potential of artificial intelligence to make strategic decisions with trillions of alternatives, but investors just though a miracle with a return of 160000%, just want.

Problems of blocking the success of AI predictions.


Lottery organizers clearly monitor game combinations, syndicate operation and lottery analysis specialists. Particular attention is paid to lottery participants and their full identification: name, ID number, TIN, sex, age, source of income, account balances and behavioral patterns in social networks.

This leads to the fact that it is not realistic, I repeat not realistic to win just for fun. There are distributive draws where there is enough money and you can give something back to the players, but we don't wait for the whims of the GSH and the lotto machine.

The artificial intelligence (AI) model is a very sophisticated thing that HAS to make decisions about the economic success of a high-risk investment operation, and this applies not just to lotteries, but to real inventory, website promotion, and disaster forecasts.

And that means that sometimes you have to wait: months and years to make off $9-150 million. So caution, persistence and patience are the main tools for catching money, in this complex subject and only a team-syndicate-colhoz, or rather a symbiosis of human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) can do such work.

.neural network model for winning money

Conclusions on the effectiveness of lottery predictions using artificial intelligence.

Prototype AI can be used to evaluate game, economic and social models for big data forecasting. Prediction validity in some cases bypasses combinatorial patterns, which makes it possible to make fast and reliable decisions bypassing the stereotypical behavior of the knowledge evaluation system.

After all, we started with a small 1-15% signature-based confidence. The work we've been doing since 2015 has become more reliable and useful for players, and in 2023 the signature+time combination of 100%+100% gives the prospect of making 100%+100%+100% a lot faster than it seemed at the beginning. And by joining a team with: brains + brawn + brawn, you increase your monetary success at minimal cost.

AI performance in 2023 neural network model for winning money

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