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Artificial Intelligence AI-based startup Cindy Katss3 and 4D investor information


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The introduction of Artificial Intelligence AI, in the B2C sector will be a reliable assistant to the players in predicting high-risk events in the B2B sector investors will get an audit of their verification of reliability of information systems.

The creation of the startup allows to shake up the world lottery market with new ideas and opportunities to make money by predicting winning combinations.


The story of the creation of the AI startup Cindy Katss3

2023 Maybe after 14 years of startup, investors will come up with the money
2022 Cindy Katss3 AI algorithm branching and human visual symbiotic connectivity
2021 Cindy Katss2 AI and 3d visual symbiotic connection to humans
2020 AI Cindy Katss2 and human visual symbiotic connection
2019 AI Cindy Katss2.
2018 ИИ AI Cindy Katss
2017 Big Data BD machine learning ML Alternate reality AR
2016 Launch site, trial sales
2015 Sustained combination matching using ML machine learning and syndicate
2014 Matching combinations with ML machine learning and syndicate
2013 Matching combinations with ML machine learning
2012 Matching combinations with ML machine learning
2011 Brute force matching
2010 Intuition
2009 Frequency analysis

2018 tempted us with crypto-investments and ICOs. As it turned out, the refinement of the HRS forecasting tool allowed us to evaluate the crypto bubble with sweet anti-investment offers. Of course, we assumed that tupens would collapse, but the 28-fold drop in capitalization proves that crypto is not yet a sustainable asset.

Using her own vision of the problem of modeling self-learning neural networks, Cindy Katss used limited resources to build a prototype human-like artificial intelligence. The year 2023 was the birth year of AI. Cindy Katss, long life to you and out-of-the-box solutions to complex human problems.

  Startup development plans

In 2023, AI Cindy Katss2 and her teams obtained sections of the artificial electro-brain that gave additional brains to the commercial use of the project by the in2C and in2C sector.

The development of an AI-based predictive analytics startup depends on:

*patentable, legal protection of the customer experience model;

*organizing a virtual startup, in a turbulent environment;

*scaling and porting AI to an industrial platform to work in the in2b sector;

*subscription application in the b2c sector.

If you're so smart why are you poor?

Yes we are outcasts of science and investing. Investors don't want smart startups that use artificial intelligence much more efficiently than the BIG players. The risk fee is 181000% net profit.

Remember the name of the clerk who refused to let the Beatles audition and circulate songs? And the Beatles were remembered forever. Breen, Zuger, Coom weren't looking for money, they were making science useful to people, it was then investment that chased them. We make science visible, useful, and accessible to everyone.


AI AI performance in 2023

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