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Analysis and visual predictions using artificial intelligence based on Big Data + Machine Learning +AR to predict #Mega Millions PB

We use archives and statistics, #lotteries, to tune the work of artificial intelligence. Structuring lottery statistics data , is a fun thing, based on which AI builds 4D visual models of multilayer uncertainty.

The main assumption of players for analysis in 2023 was based on the scientific hypothesis that lottery predictions #Stoloto 6 45 5 of 36, possibly a hoax and a black hole of events, in fact 100% multilayer uncertainty in the 4th degree.

  Lua, Torch, Python, Tensorflow, Theano, CNTK, Matlab may be food for thought, but the lottery is complicated


The introduction of Artificial Intelligence / AI, in the B2C sector will become a reliable assistant to players in predicting high-risk events. In the B2B sector investors will get an audit of their information systems reliability.

The creation of the startup allows to shake up the world lottery market with new ideas and opportunities to make money by predicting winning combinations.


reliability of lottery prediction using artificial intelligence

For example, a player is sure that his #game #system written in Lua, Torch, Python, Tensorflow, Theano, CNTK, Matlab can be unique, he will win the lottery, but the player cannot see his fellow players bet and his brain lacks analysis structure and computing power to evaluate all useful options and fill the ticket with the right numbers.
  The basic assumption for lottery analysis is the hypothesis that there are many variants and they sort of rotate around the vortex of probable events.
  reliability of lottery prediction using artificial intelligence
For example, players believe that their game strategy, unique and he will win money in Gosloto 20*4*2. A lot of player's combinations are close to the real event, but lottery players do not coordinate their actions with other participants in the draw to achieve overall success in order to win HUGE money.
  The assumption for the analysis of the PB and MM lotteries was based on the theory of multilayered uncertainty, which hides future events from us.
  reliability of lottery prediction using artificial intelligence

A model of lottery player behavior is quite complex, but cleaning up, #structuring #big #data to build a prediction using neural networks, allowed a prototype AI (artificial intelligence) to be created in 2019.

In 2023, with the accumulation of statistics of favorable predictions on the PB and MM lottery, the picture of the credibility of the predictions began to change.

This gave a member of the phalanx the opportunity to get the coveted money. However, the number of options went over a reasonable brute force of 15%, making it uneconomical to play with multiple tickets as part of a syndicate.

  The most complex model of player behavior was tested in 2019-2023. Rethinking the statistics of the analysis of successful predictions gave the realization that the entire computational algorithm neural network stands "upside down", that is contrary to human logic, and is a systemic anomaly, but it is understandable to the anti-logic machine - the AI - artificial intelligence Cindy Katss3.

reliability of lottery prediction using artificial intelligence

The hardest part of the analysis is accepting the fact that lottery behavior can be predicted. This scientific approach requires estimating the prediction as a chain of many analyzed events with many consequences.

The task is to set up a neural network so that it finds abnormal phenomena in the GSC in the behavior of players.

Big Data / Big Data + Machine Learning / Machine Learning + VR / Virtual Reality = Artificial Intelligence, AI, AI which in 2021 helps to "see the process in real time".2023 AI allows you to look at the prediction process 30 times faster and 100% more reliable.

From 2015 to 2020 we lived in hope, and in 2023 we have our own AI / Artificial Intelligence Cindy Cats2 that predicts lotteries.

Big Data/Big Data + Machine Learning/Machine Learning + VR/Virtual Reality = Artificial Intelligence is the simplest solution to the complex problem of predicting lotteries and other risks and events.

reliability of lottery prediction using artificial intelligence
Only AI built on Big Data +Machine Learning + VR can estimate the past quite sharply and look into the short-term future with 100% accuracy, which weaves together: time, events and signatures. Too bad the players don't believe it, in 5 years of hard labor to solve the problem in this one.

In 2015, a multi-layered analysis of lotteries like 5x36, 6x45, 7x49, 12x24, which evaluates many criteria not directly related, directly to the lottery combinations that fell out was considered something fantastic.

In 2020 it is a complete neural network model with two hemispheres to make logical and abstract decisions.

In 2023, it is full-fledged parts of the electric brain that can live their interesting lives and help people

In 2020, Artificial Intelligence has beaten the lottery GCHS
The method is a neural network with a teacher Supervised learning
Neural network training set NA%
Dates of the event - credibility 100%
Recognition of numbers - 100% reliability
possible return 180000%
Forecast status: successful
Brute force combinatorics 0.045%

A neural network model for lottery prediction in 2023

Prototype artificial intelligence for lottery prediction

Performance Results

Performance Graph for the period 2015-2023 Lotto Stoloto 4-20-2,

Series of experiments in one-factor analysis, % of successful predictions by signature


model for assessing the reliability of a neural network in lottery prediction

Performance Graph for the period 2015-2023 Lotto Stoloto 4-20-2,

Two-factor analysis of the circulation on the number of successful predictions by time and signature

reliability of lottery prediction using artificial intelligence

Thus, in some cases the degree of recognition of the expected number of circulation / timestamp and number of combinations / signature of the lottery PB and MM can reach 100% and in a series of experiments can be successful up to 72% of experiments.

This result fully confirmed our hypothesis about the possibility of full recognition of lotteries and SSCh, although it took FIFTY years of experiments to complete this joyous article.

For example, to analyze PB and MM you need computing power, which can easily operate with numbers 1.9092 with 140 zeros, and you also need programs and people, equipment, tools, which will come up with algorithms to find anomalies in the "genetic code of the lottery". But only a visual or graphical 3d or 4d user interface allows a glimpse into the deepest processes of lottery results. Combining neural networks + 3d+ and the operator into one, greatly increases the predictability of lottery results.

ordering artificial intelligence predictions for the lottery
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