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Predictions using artificial intelligence analysis for digital lotteries PB MM MM FL LUK ED sports and money

In 2023, the world of lotteries, no longer combinatorial. Technologies of random number generator, based on a hostile and immoral artificial intelligence, without much difficulty recognize the number of threats to the money of random number generator organizers. Therefore, the drum with balls inside was replaced by a random number generator . Such an invention helped to clearly plan players' money losses and lottery organizers' winnings.


Prior to 2023, predictions in the American lottery were obtained in 38-62% of 100 cases, a syndicate of combinations for Stoloto 6 out of 45, but the ability to syndicate "Dynamic". Today in 2023 there are opportunities to assess risks and predict the credibility of events by 100%, the truth is that it does not happen very often.

В 2019 syndicate reached PB, MM, FL, NL UK, ED calculations at a gross force of only 0.000195%, which calls into question the postulates of combinatorics and people's logic.

In 2023, our job is to look for ANAMALIES in the operation of #RNG codes and stupid player bets, not to evaluate the cyclic pattern of lottery combinatorics.


#Jackpot - random #billion money for the player or the hard work of the analyst and the AI


Neural networks, they are like people only so far stupid, and people like neural networks only optimistic.

Of course, some of the players get small prizes and money, because, the state and special services monitor the actions of lottery organizers in the United States.

On a modest estimate only 8-10% of the number of bets in the money, this is the real money that is paid by the organizers. That is, the system itself assumes a small but stable winnings to keep players to play the PB MM lottery or the European and American lotteries on a regular basis.

It turns out that someone is stupidly lucky, and someone takes meaningful action and picks up the brain combinations for tickets using 89 billion neurons - such a perfect self-trained neural network built on the depth of human thought, not the money.

That is, people are able to make intuitive decisions that help them deal with losing.

All it takes is a computer algorithm artificial intelligence , which easily analyzes the information flow 10.5 in 145 zeros and evaluates events with reflection.

Reflexivity is partly combinatorics and partly mathematics and psychological attitude. BUT, if a person can, so strain his brain neural networks. It makes sense to download a special free software program that simulates the work of the brain and calculates this result for a person.

Neural network analysis and throwing a big date at the RDG.

AI performance in 2023

Building AI artificial intelligence based on #Big Data+ #neural #networks + #Machine Learning usually helps solve this complex problem. Although the project has been running since 2009.

Such a system is too fragile and poorly understood. Fragile because lottery organizers initially test / check RDG and lottery machines for their suitability to work / stable chaos results, normal distribution, mathematical expectation and many other useful things, the same neural networks and psychology, including the Earth's magnetic field.

The main difference between us and them, we don't look for patterns, we look for anomalies in lottery events.

Regularity is a stable prediction results and it is an illusion, but a single anomaly, destructive action can bring up to 160000% net profit in money for the syndicate.

With the help of artificial intelligence We conduct a kind of stress test of the RDG system and the lottery, without interfering with the process and the result of events, we just observe with the help of risk modeling, how this lottery will collapse under the weight of the money.

With artificial intelligence there is a chance to track abnormal RDG behavior

Having paid attention to 28% of the successful outcomes of the game results, the neural network through deep learning in 2018 turned into a working prototype artificial intelligence, which obtains and generates knowledge independently, the human just finish the AI to the beginning of retraining. 2019 was a breakthrough in forecasting with prototype AI.

In 2023 this gives new possibilities of computational symbiosis between human and machine/neural network
Players/humans can use the results of a scientific experiment at their own risk. That is, the analyst's scientific assumption, can be tested in the experiment with real actions and real money.

In predicting lotteries from artificial intelligence in 2023, is it really that simple?

In 2021, the neural network's work has turned into conventional artificial intelligence prototype predictions, which have become much more reliable. The small part left in 2023 is to teach the operator and humans to interact with the neural network at the level of symbiosis - an interspecies drift of thought. The hardest part is getting people to interact with each other, and turning players into Friends and Teams for drifting.

Why is it easier to build a neural network than to teach people to interact in the game?


The lottery game is not a friendly soccer game. Every player wants to hit the jackpot. Players, blinded by the hope of winning, go on an individual attack.

All-versus-all gladiator betting results in players losing all of their bets. Wise players who can interact and are very careful join the Drift Team.

The most important factor is to evaluate time as the main resource of victory.

It is time that allows the lottery organizers to accumulate the prize pool. It is possible to guess the combinations if you want, but the second mystery is the time when this event will happen - the drain of money to the right region.

The most difficult thing is to teach the neural network to recognize the signature of the combination and the time of this event. We all care about the science, though. Many players want to win $500 million by paying $3 for a ticket, but most players are blinded by the "wisdom of the crowd" and end up losing tens of billions of money.

It's all the fault of the limitation of human brain perception.

In the year 2023, after reading this material, many will think that the author and Cindy Katss3 crazy or just another con artist who invented perpetual motion machine rubs the truth of last resort, but it's your life and your money which is melting so quickly with the LFO, and we find a way to make money where others lose them.

All the problems are hidden in the selective work of the brain, because this glorious thing, built for short-term assessment of events, because the primary world was very dynamic and fluid and every player of survival, trying to devour the weakest.

Only 1-5% of people on Earth can build long-term strategies and put them into practice.

Historically, the tribal director and the shaman led people to exploits. Knowledge and Motivation, gave binary success in the struggle for survival. Combinatorics were of little help in throwing a spear at a saber-toothed tiger, much more useful was to drive it into the abyss with the coordination of people who just yelled and waved their spears. A little time passed: language, writing, mathematics and laws appeared.


You are being forced to make a simple choice, you are playing the lottery called life.

Playing alone just buys you adrenaline and depression. Today, conscious choice is a crime, described in George Orwell's novel in the year close to us, "1984". You thought having artificial intelligence on the GSH was science fiction - Congratulations with the help of selective scientific fascism - You're already here. How is it with the undoing that the amoral coronovirus AI has created for you or the hot phase of the conflict?

The choices may vary - ask this of Neo, Musk, Brin, and Kum, how they found a breeding ground, for their "crazy ideas.

AI performance in 2023

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