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free download archives and statistics PB TX MM ED BL FL for quality predictions of winning results


Free statistics to analyze different strategies for filling lottery tickets to guess the money

  Our global difference from other services WE are NOT GSCh and do not invent combinations, but give predictions, after analysis and verification of hypotheticals from 2023, today most of the work is done by the artificial intelligence Cindy Katss 3.

Free statistics for analysis and ML forecasting


Jackpot is a random #billions for a player in PB or a winning team of artificial intelligence and team players.


AI performance in 2023

On this page you can download free or buy access to artificial intelligence that generates predictions for bingo

Such a purchase will allow you to get a chance. A lottery prediction is a minimum safe purchase of a prediction created with artificial intelligence to increase the probability of your winnings.

What about the jackpot and the winning 4 or 5 numbers out of six?

Of course we believe in luck, but as the analysis of the archives and statistics of the digital lotto, even 80 draws in a row is small enough time to ensure fall 4-5 numbers out of 6, so it is advisable to buy a one-year forecast, (although in the lotto forecasts there are nice exceptions to the rules).

As for the jackpot, we find it hard to lie, it is a very rare event that miraculously falls out if there is more than 250,000,000 roubles at stake. For its implementation is more suitable joint play as part of a lottery syndicate / pool / lotto collhoz. Prediction is valid for several **trials in a row. Active prediction phase on the date of the event up to 100%, numbers 20-80%.

Restriction on the use of the game combination when filling out a ticket.

You are given a game combination through a closed channel / set of numbers, which you pay for yourself and make out with the organizer of the lottery on the website.

Please do not pass this combination to other players for a massive attack on the lottery and do not increase the bet to 1*3, 1*5, 1*100.

It is forbidden to check this bet in advance, on lottery services, you are sent a bonus file with statistics for checking. Checking this winning combination in advance on the services of lottery organizers with a probability of 100% will lead to the blocking of potential winnings

Why is it that the #great prize doesn't come?

Because for the most part, players use the standard numbers 1, 3, 7, 11, 36, 37 from a full or incomplete game system and try to cheat the combinatorics. Our ticket filling system occurs with artificial intelligence, avoid such patterns and help increase the probability of winning money and get lost in the eyes of the lottery service risk manager.

Have fun playing the lotteries..

As practice shows, buying predictions of combinations made by people who are constantly unlucky in the lotto and they dissuaded themselves, a reasonable risk to increase the chance in the interval of 10-30 draws.

You can easily use our service and order a lottery combination prediction.

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