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In 2023 Sophisticated lottery prediction strategy using software and artificial intelligence for #powerball and mega millions

So, since ancient times, people have tried to look into the future through analytics, meditations, and fantasy to predict lotteries and other good money or catastrophic life events.

n the 21st century, to predict future events for the next draw allows almost free tools for free analysis: Lua, Torch, Python, Tensorflow, Theano, CNTK, Matlab - successful algorithms for analysis and neural networks, perhaps artificial intelligence / AI using money and technology (Big Data + Machine Learning + VR).


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The most difficult thing is to choose a lottery strategy and predict other risks, it is difficult to understand what can be predicted by the analysis software and what in principle cannot be predicted by the human brain, although the brain has a LOT of neurons.

Factually, this is 1 task with varying degrees of understanding, resource allocation, and funding for an AI program or model.

The easiest solution: is to get reliable data to run the program.

Go to the official site #powerball and mega millions copy the table with the numbers in excel, but you can not understand the patterns.

On a lottery site where billions of money are being handed out, we see limited data instead of draws. It turns out that mining ordinary digital archives, draws in excel is already the first step to confuse the clever analyst.
The second step, is to twist the balls by turn odd, if everyone is analyzing by the frequency of draws for the next draw.


When the raw data is obtained, comes the important stage, and what and how to do inside the program for lottery analysis.

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predict numbers in powerball and mega millions

Initial data are not rational and chaotic, but they can be #systematized in #excel. Then the analyst should write an analysis program by himself or with his assistants or choose a neural network based on TensorFlow, HubPyTorch, Caffee and evaluate their effectiveness at the moment.

It is important for us to use money and time and other resources, including actual algorithms, in evaluating events now and events in the future jackpot, to #forecast #lotteries, probability of accidents, weather anomalies and other high-risk events / VRS.

The problem is that very few algorithms can PREVENT the FUTURE. Even after starting to describe the process in 2020 it is already 2023.

The ease of solving a complex problem for programming and structuring chaos with AI.

It is important to understand what to extract from Big Data to see from Big Data as fractional, or to perceive data as monolithic. It seems to everyone that in lotteries, all you have to do is build an array of statistics and archives - a spreadsheet in excel.

Then write your own analysis program in Python and you can enjoy the beauty of flat charts. Beautiful, but useless - for the real work of AI and reliable predictions.

Of course big money and prizes+multidimensional arrays are much more interesting and useful than two-dimensional ones. But who taught the analyst to search and find #alternative #strategy? After all, this is not taught at school, at university or on paid analyst courses for $300000.


Here we come to an important question: Why pay money for lottery analysis?

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