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2023 analysis and predictions of MM, PB, ED, EM, BL lottery results for the next draw using neural networks to work syndicates in the style of random number generator

In 2023 on the site you can get analysis forecasts free download archives and statistics Lottery Uk, EuroMillions ce, megamillions US, Powerball US, EuroJackpot.

Making forecasts and creating syndicates is risky business, so let's study the statistics of the work we do since 2010

  AI performance in 2023

The effectiveness of AI-assisted syndication forecasting in 2015-2023

lotteries combinations Efficiency 100% in what year
8 из 8 23474025 2020 2022
6 из 6 8145060 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020 2021
5 из 5 376992*4 2019 2020 2021
3 из 3 1000 2019, 2020 2022



artificial intelligence


There is a drop because we follow the money and the probability of the event, so brute force dropped from 15% to 0.001345% 2-4 combinations can break 4/5 and a syndicate of 10 players


Let's look together at why people create syndicates to play the lottery

Everyone wants to win, to break the Jackpot by chance or for free to study the statistics, for the entire period of the lottery draws


artificial intelligence powerball

Now let's look at the lottery statistics for the year 2020-2023

статистика лотереи Максима за 2015 год powerball

Strange, why don't lottery organizers put such filters for players?

Because their stats and syndicates are a huge artificial intelligence that fights for their profits and the survival of lottery organizers.

The syndicate that builds our artificial intelligence and the syndicate analyst use multidimensional data.

artificial intelligence

The problem is that players think in numbers, and our syndicate analysis software can operate on huge groups of combinations and find hidden reserves. The question is who controls the analysis process - the lottery risk manager or the syndicate analyst + AI.

A simple solution to a complex problem using layered and multidimensional logic that leads us to AI

artificial intelligence

What benefits you get from participating in smart lottery syndicates?

- the ability to choose the degree of risk;

- multivariate analysis finds hidden patterns that are incomprehensible to the average person and the risk manager of lotteries;

- grouping combinations allows you to build a cohesive team / phalanx that believes in winning, but with reasonable caution;

- successive actions are stretched over a fairly long period of time - so, working in a team eliminates the factor - want / don't want;

- with all the variety of digital lotteries, the construction of syndicates is the same for many lotteries, the main thing is the economic parameters and expediency of winning.


However, you can experiment on lotteries like #TattsLotto or Stoloto

#Machine Learning and Lottery Prediction
#TattsLotto February 13, 2016
#machine learning prediction 3/6
#syndicate would probably guess 6/6
KPI +46585%

#Machine learning and lottery prediction
#Stoloto 2019
#machine learning prediction 5/6
#syndicate would probably guess 6/6
KPI +160000%.

Artificial intelligence vs. GSH and lotteries in 2023
Method - neural network with teacher Supervised learning
Neural network training set NA
event dates - 100% reliability
number recognition - credibility 100%
possible return 188196 %
Forecast status: successful
Brute force combinatorics brute force 0.0426%
Tags: #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Artificial Intelligence #prediction
#LotterySystems #DataViz #neuronet #gaming systems #money #risk

-Acceding to the syndicate is your opportunity to lose less money, above all if you are lucky to win small amounts of money;

-Participation in the syndicate is paid, the money is spent on refining the algorithms of data analysis based on artificial intelligence.


artificial intelligence AI performance in 2023

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